Why Redline UK

RedlineUK has a very narrow human trafficking focus. We have developed expertise in this field and through repeated positive contacts with enforcement agencies we continue to build our reputation and credibility. This means that we are able to provide a secure, safe and credible reporting mechanism for people involved with the sex industry.

RedlineUK is the first organization prepared to invest time, money and expertise in support of those within the sex industry that are opposed to the trafficking of women and underage girls and want to do something about it.

‘I was a victim of human trafficking at the young age of 14. I am now 21 and living a very happy life thanks to Redline. Escape just seemed like a dream, until a year ago when I was saved by Redline. They took me to a safe place, provided me with support and made me feel like a person again. I began doing normal things and took part in several activities which I really enjoyed. I LOVED my new life! it really was amazing to know that so many people actually cared about me! I look back on photographs today of myself a year ago and the difference is mind blowing, I’m not that troubled, insecure, frightened girl anymore, I am a happy, intelligent young woman with ambitions and goals in life. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Redline, and I am so thankful and always will be. To me they have saved my life.’

21st January 2011

This young victim entered safe aftercare early summer of 2010 and is now living a free and independent life. She now feels strong enough to help others by sharing from her experience. She is an inspiration to the RedlineUK team and a source of hope for anyone who has been trafficked into the sex industry.

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