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Reporting screen

Whilst you may also report using the internet reporting screen it is better if you use the freephone number and speak to one of our trained operators, that way we can be assured that we have got all important detail into your report. REMEMBER absolute confidentiality is assured because we do not collect personal information which could be used to identify you.


RedlineUK do not currently offer rewards for reports. We are grateful for the support of the public and the industry who continue to supply us with vital information.

To start your anonymous report complete the form below:

Please enter the characters shown in the illustration:

Name (including nickname) age range, ethnicity, first language, hair colour, build, eye colour, tattoos.

When and where seen (full address if known), telephone number if known, anything you know about this place.

Tell us anything you know about the person controlling this person - including appearance, car, mobile phone, language spoken, friends or anything else you think is important.