How Does it Work?

24/7 FREEPHONE HOTLINE 0800 112 3733

RedlineUK has established a secure and confidential 24/7 Freefone hotline so that people connected with the industry can report any suspicions that they may have about human trafficking. The operators are all highly trained and experienced in gathering relevant information.

Anonymous reporting

Our operators are instructed not to record the personal details of any caller in the logs that they take and you will not be asked for information that might identify you. It is important to us that your identity remains secret and the best way of guaranteeing this is for you to be the ONLY person that knows it!

What do we do with each report?

RedlineUK subjects each report to analysis using an experienced investigator and if necessary analytical software. This helps identify additional work and allows the screening of malicious and false reports. When RedlineUK is satisfied that a report has sufficient information and justification only then will the relevant enforcement agency be briefed as to the information that RedlineUK has collected.

You may also use the reporting form on this site but please give as much information as you can, we need as much information as possible for three reasons:

  1. Detailed reports provide opportunities for development of the intelligence.
  2. Detailed reports can be more easily corroborated increasing their value to enforcement agencies
  3. Detailed reports discourage malicious and false complaint.

To start your anonymous report complete the form below:

Please enter the characters shown in the illustration:

Name (including nickname) age range, ethnicity, first language, hair colour, build, eye colour, tattoos.

When and where seen (full address if known), telephone number if known, anything you know about this place.

Tell us anything you know about the person controlling this person - including appearance, car, mobile phone, language spoken, friends or anything else you think is important.