Frequently Asked Questions

What if I accidentally tell the operator my name or give other personal information?

Answer: The operator will not record this information in the report log and if it is not recorded then the mistake can soon be forgotten by all persons concerned, but please do be careful not to give your personal details, it is better to get it right first time!

Who are these operators?

Answer: The operators are experienced call takers with a background in intelligence capture. They work in the private sector and you need only be reassured that they are extremely professional and highly trained.

What is wrong with ringing Crimestoppers?

Answer: Absolutely nothing! Redline however provides a different type of service. We use analytical tools on intelligence collected and a skilled investigator to assess each call in an attempt to identify information or intelligence gaps. We have the capacity to undertake research and develop the information provided. In this way we try to ensure that Police receive thorough, well researched intelligence reports, that they are able to act upon. They should not normally receive malicious or false reports because of our positive efforts to identify and filter them out.

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